and why the hell do we need that?

Looking at the latest developements, ICOs and new blockchains there was one big thing that really caught our attention - the needed hardware infrastructure and energy ressources for those projects. As we all know a blockchain is as trustworthy and stable as the number of engaging partners, in most cases these are nodes or mining devices. So the biggest problem in our opinion is that new blockchains or coins mostly don’t have the power to attract very many devices to ensure the security of the network.

And what then?

Well then the only chance if you don't want to start up a whole blockchain project and get resources to secure your network, is to use an ERC20 token.

But whats wrong with ERC20 token?

Nothing, really nothing! But what if your idea gets bigger and you want to really do something special? Then you have to start your own project differently and face all the before mentioned problems.

What is this MetaChain-thing?

Normally the term MetaChain refers to a relatively new blockchain that is based on an already developed and working blockchain. In this case we turn this term around.
This means that we develope a blockchain technology that has per design the capability of running multiple coins with changing demands on one single blockchain - in this case we call the base chain the MetaChain and all the running coins and technologies SubChains.
This removes the problem of new coins that they don’t have the ressources of a big and working network, since the whole infrastructure of the MetaChain can be used
out of the freaking box!

Sounds cool, but how can I get my own coin or technology on this MetaChain-thing?

There are multiple ways on how to get a new coin on the MetaChain infrastructure to run.
The easiest way will be simple mouseclick in our wallet where you can also make multiple settings for your coin which will be, after successfull creation, spread throughout the MetaChain network.
The second way is more complex but also ensures the flexibility of our MetaChain. There will be a C++ based API for nodes which allow you to develope your own modules. If you need certain special functions, for example a different signing technique, different communication ways or other external components, you can develope your own module.
Node admins need to upload and activate your module manually to ensure security on the nodes.
Through this API and module system we removed the need of new coins to create their own infrastructure, they just need to convince node admins to use their module if they even need one.
Special ideas and well developed projects will be supported by us and maybe even shipped by default.

Ehm, do I need a coin within an existing blockchain?

Let’s give an example: you’re a private organization that deals with pre-paid car leasing. You want to use this new technology for all kind of automation, but still work with excel sheets for your calculations or have a small website that shows your customer their current payment status and credit.
This is very ineffective and possibly dangerous for malicious attacks or data loss. Here’s where the MetaChain comes in handy.
You simply create a non-tradeable coin in our MetaChain and use a simple wallet for your customers to show them their status. All car leasing details can be added and handled through smart contracts and deductive payments.
So your pre-paid car leasing company runs securely without any further costs on a trust-worthy network with the whole TrustChainTechnologies community ressources behind it.
And who knows - maybe your business becomes bigger and better and you want to use new smart devices that directly work within the blockchain? You don't have to change your whole system, you simply start development of your own module and ship it to the community - easy and flexible as that!